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APM Pro (con Power module y GPS NEO-6m)

U$S -90.00

This is the APM Pro Mini flight controller which is a re-designed version of the popular APM 2.6 board to make it smaller and more reliable. It includes all of the same components and sensors as the original APM 2.6, but has some hardware revisions to improve common faults with teh APM 2.6 such as using high spec diodes and voltage regulators. The overall size of this board is just 60mm x 38mm x 14mm.

Some of the notable upgrades compared to the APM 2.6 board are:

Uses a larger 3.3V LDO to support 500mA power output
Diodes changed to PIX PMEG200
22UF/16V capacitor was added into 5V module to ensure stable power to the microcontroller (ATmega 2560)
All ports have mounted on both ends and 2.54 standard Dupont connectors are adopted to create stability.
8-way PWM input signal has been simplified by 4pcs servo cable connectors

The APM Pro mini aimed as more experianced drone builders as it does not include any documentation or accesories. if you want to connect something such as a GPS module you will likely need to add your own connectors as the connectors are all different compared to the original APM 2.6 autopilot. Details on the pinout of the APM Pro Mini are included below. However the servo style connectors used on the Mini APM Pro ensure a solid and reliable method for connecting your accesories to the autopilot. Because of the lack of documentation and support we are selling this board very cheaply, We will only be able to help if there are any actual manufacturer hardware faults with this board within the returns period.


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