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Dragon Link High Power Telemetry Receiver

U$S -220.00

The Dragon Link High Power 1500 mW telemetry receiver is the most advanced RC receiver ever made. The built in amplifier enables it to provide telemetry for 60 Kilometers with stock antennas ( telemetry range depends on data rate used), and ever further when an optional Yagi Antenna is used on the Dragon Link transmitter. This receiver also has a built in radio modem function to provide long range radio modem capability without having to install seperate radio modems in your plane. We did not sacrafice any features with this receiver, it has a full 13 servo pins across, and supports all Dragon Link Features.


LENGTH: 74 Millimeters
WIDTH: 35 Millimeters
THICKNESS: 15 Millimeters

VOLTAGE: 5 - 8 Volts
POWER OUTPUT: 1500 Milliwatts

For quick SETUP INSTRUCTIONS, and FIRMWARE DOWNLOAD see our support website:



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